Which Camera or equipment?

I use top of the line, professional cameras (full frame and crop sensor) with multiple primes and the wide range of lenses, to cover your event, I use two to three cameras at the same time, with half dozen quality lenses to suit the situation and lighting condition. I also have few portable flashlights, softboxes, stands, backdrops, light reflectors and all required items for a quality professional photoshoot

Do you have a Studio?

I do not have a studio, I will use your comfort place i.e. your home or magnificent outdoor locations for the shoot, I have all portable setup which includes, few lights, stands, backdrops, multiple lenses, cameras, softboxes, reflectors etc.

How Much do you charge? 

Do not worry about the price, I will fit the price in your budget and discuss the suitable options to capture the memorable photos forever, contact me and we can discuss for an idea price starts from AUD 100

Can I see more Sample work? 

Of course, I have thousands of pictures on the computer, which can’t be updated due to privacy reasons, but I am happy to meet you and show samples.

When to book?

I recommend booking as soon as possible to ensure availability and peace of mind,

How many pictures will I get? 

I really don’t count pictures, it’s virtually unlimited. We shall book time, so it’s totally dependent on you. While selecting, I shall select the best ones and edit them for final handover

What do you mean by edited pictures? 

I will not change backgrounds or add artificial objects, I will correct lighting, tone and colors, I will also crop pictures for the best looks. The reason I use expensive cameras, lenses and lights to reduce the post processing and keep it natural.

What Quality will I get? 

With the quality result, I can assure you, that you will like the work and recommend to others 🙂

What type of pictures will I get? 

I will edit the selected pictures and share the high resolution soft copies (JPEG). If you need printed pictures, we can discuss that too.